Deep shame

When a close friend mentioned briefly how she won a 4th place on a half-marathon race held in our city, I was surprised because that was a huge event, and being forth girl is an INCREDIBLE success. So her running pace was around 4:55 which is a respectful pace among female runners. In comparison with… Continue reading Deep shame


Grief pt IV

I felt so lonely last night. It was so much easier to be distracted with anything like job, looks, fantasies, or whatever comparing to being exposed to yourself. I guess that I am feeling lonely for a long time, it was just so well covered by chasing so called life. And now, I am nothing… Continue reading Grief pt IV


This morning, I was reading a lot about neurosis. There are different types of it, but the root for all of them is unresolved conflict within us. Behavioral patterns that are formed around this unresolved issue are there to help us, to keep us protected. We are protected by the energy that is within us… Continue reading Love