I am currently experiencing a lot of changes.

First of all, I moved. I have a new place to live in. Second of all, I am doing my internship. And as third new thing, I am spending a lot of time online, skype-ing, checking my emails, trying to figure out how to transfer job that I previously took into an online job.

The biggest stress is now that transfer that I have to do, because it requires huge amount of focus and concentration.

If I achieve to do that, I WILL BE AT PEACE!

That achievement would cause me to have ZERO existential problems.

And that is the reason why it is that stressful.

So, I guess I am again under a lot of stress, but basically I am fine.

So I am trying to make my life as comfortable as I can. I am trying to accomplish my desire to live a life without money issues while being surrounded by the people I love and doing things I like doing.

I think I am pressuring myself just a little less than before. I think I need to have all figured out at once. But the truth is I don`t. Actually, I don`t think I am capable of sorting everything out at once. I admit, I am currently facing with something that is beyond my reaching point. A lot of changes happened at once.

Good thing is that I know I have a perfect grounding. A perfect one.


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