Different perspective showed up to me a day ago. It seems to be wider one this time. So I am noticing how stress is taking control over me. But what is the point of it? I have recently run into one book where a question is asked? What would you do if you knew that… Continue reading Perspective



I have this clear vision of how my job should look like for the next couple of months, a year and maybe period which is more than one year. I really want to make that happen. I want to be able to share my skills and knowledge in a friendly and relaxing atmosphere. I want… Continue reading Decisions


I am a little bit sad because I am not writing as often as I want because it really turned out that writing down my thoughts daily is actually one of the most useful things I can do for myself. I discovered so many meaningful stuff about myself while doing personal blogging. That knowledge was… Continue reading Me


I am currently experiencing a lot of changes. First of all, I moved. I have a new place to live in. Second of all, I am doing my internship. And as third new thing, I am spending a lot of time online, skype-ing, checking my emails, trying to figure out how to transfer job that… Continue reading Goal

I hate

I hate the fact that I am moving. I hate the fact that I am leaving my friends and family. I hate being raised in environment where you can`t get respectful job offer for profession that requires 18 years of education. I hate that I do not have it all figured out. I hate the… Continue reading I hate


So it is set. Finally, moving to China is about to happen in 4 days. g I haven`t been writing for couple of days and I feel like I am closing myself. Not only because of the fact I stopped with blogging about my personal life (which turned out to second best thing for 2017,… Continue reading openings